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Rent a Car Andros

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Andros, the northernmost island of Cyclades, is located southeast of Evia and is connected to mainland Greece by boat through Rafina.

The main port of the island is Gavrion Harbor, while the Marina-Marina in Batsi is just a short walk away, where private boats arrive. To the east of the island there is the port-marina of Andros and the port of Korthi, where private boats and fishing boats.

Andros is unique on a natural beauties island, with great culture and great advantage being the closest to the Attica Cycladic island.

Car Rental Andros Greece

Get the Imperial Car Rental from the port of Gavrio and explore Andros with comfort and safety.

The rental car from Imperial Car Rental will take you to all parts of this green island with its fertile valleys, rich olive groves and vineyards on its stepped terraces, fields and gardens.

The island's name comes from General Andros of the King of Crete, Radamanthi, which proves that Andros was under Cretan rule, like the rest of the Aegean islands.

Due to its position, Andros was a strategic point in almost all historical periods.

Excavations at Strofila cape revealed the most ancient city of Europe, a densely structured prehistoric town that belongs to the final Neolithic Period (4,500-3,300 BC), with tall buildings and a multitude of rock paintings. The settlement has been characterized as the most important of this period and the best preserved in the Aegean.

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A little further south has been discovered one of the best preserved in Greece settlements of the Geometric period (900-700 BC), the settlement of Zagora in Zaganari.

Findings from the Copper Age are found in the area of ​​Plaka (south of Zagora), as well as in the High in Apropotos, which is a visiting archaeological site.

During classical antiquity, the capital of Andros was the prosperous Paleopoli, with 50 settlements around it.

Thanks to the car rental from Imperial Car Rental, you can admire the important archaeological sites of the island.

Andros is also known for its springs. The most famous source on the island is the source of Sariza, while other, less famous sources are the sources of Saint Irene and the salty brine of the Arni.

Quality Car Hire Andros

Imperial Car Rental Rentals make accessible beautiful villages with stunning views, such as Agios Petros with the tower of the 4th century BC. and the Copper Mines, Including the Gorge of Dipotamata, Kochilos, Episkopi, Eindonia, Mousiona, Ano Korthi, Ano Odobeta, Palaiopoli with the unique waterfall of the Cyclades, the archaeological site and the museum, Pitifos with lush vegetation and the olive museum, a green village with ancient trees and fountains, Messaria with the tower houses and the Old Girls' School, a multipurpose culture and events, Alaidino with the old stone bridge and the cave of Taxos, Chora or Andros with the medieval castle, the Tourlitos lighthouse, the museums (archaeological, modern art, nautical, folklore) and foundations (Kydonieus, Kairios library), Colony with the source of Sariza and the gulf of Pithara with lush vegetation and crystal clear waters, Katakalion with a view of the whole Aegean, breath, Vourkotti, Arni, Remata, Katakilo.

Andros Car Rentals With Imperial

Thanks to the Imperial Car Rental, you can easily reach the picturesque seaside villages and the magical beaches of Pea, Zorkos, Vitali, Vori with the wreck on the rocks, the enchanting Achla, Gialia, the beaches of Chora Neborios and Paraporti, Gryas Pidimas, Korthi, Plaka with the boats, warehouses, Chalkolimion, Palaiopoli, Agia Marina, Kolona and Batsi in the homonymous picturesque village with the enchanting area of ​​Stivari, Golden Sands, Agios Petros, Cork.

Your trip to Andros, with the help of the comfortable travels provided by Imperial Car Rental, will become one of your favorite memories!

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